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Ka’Liyah Taylor is an energetic Entrepreneur, Blogger, Vlogger, and Social Media influencer who founded her business, Kreative Holiness, in 2020. Her desire is to spread the gospel through fashion and help women all over the world attain freedom. Through her inspiring posts, she encourages women of all ages and backgrounds to be holy, dress modestly, and live as their authentic selves. Ka’Liyah has built an international following of diverse women who appreciate her eye for fashion and her practical tips. In 2022, Ka’Liyah started her women’s ministry, LADYLIKE Behavior where she empowers women and helps them grow in character development, healing, deliverance, femininity and spiritual maturation. Her strengths in helping women to heal emotionally have opened doors for her to impact multiple generations including young people. As a speaker at several conferences and through her social media outlets, her relatable and approachable delivery allows Ka’Liyah to leave a lasting impact on those she mentors. As a result, she has built lifelong relationships with sisters near and far. Overall, Ka’Liyah is a multitalented and hardworking motivator who transcends barriers and creates fashion trends. Her transparency is evident as she shares her life’s journey with her supporters.

Joseph Taylor is an ordained elder and one of the assistant pastors of lively stone temple Apostolic ministries. Joseph has a passion for the body of Christ. He’s dedicated most of his life to the work of the ministry. He’s served in several positions and roles down through the years. From av (media ministry) to music ministry through singing, teaching and playing the drums. His life’s mission is to serve the Lord with gladness and serve God’s people.