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To tell you the truth, I’m mostly a private type of person. I don’t like sharing a lot of things about me and my family to other people. Well, I do only share some to people I trust and I know are spiritually mature to guide me accordingly. Oftentimes, I will just keep any concerns between me and God and write on my diary (I already have lots of!).

But this year, God has impressed in my heart to be an open book in such a way that will glorify Him. He wants me to share all my struggles, pains, victories, and joys in Him with others. I thank God on how He has opened my eyes to always see Him working in me and in my family’s life. Most of the time, I cannot contain the joy of His amazing,wonderful,and mighty deeds. I just want to keep on crying and tell Him how much I love Him. I believe He doesn’t want me to keep these things only to myself for sure.