May 12, 2023

Episode 80: Making Strong Connections with Rosa Wang

Episode 80: Making Strong Connections with Rosa Wang
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Rosa Wang is an author, strategist, and public communicator on transformative technologies. As Global Director for Digital Financial Services for Opportunity International, a global network dedicated to microfinance, she led programs that subsequently opened over 6 million digital bank accounts for very low-income individuals around the world. The program also gained widespread recognition for providing services for persons of low literacy and for innovations in closing the digital gender gap. Prior to her work with OI, Rosa incubated social entrepreneurs in technology and social investment through the organization Ashoka. 
 In her debut book, Strong Connections: Stories of Resilience from the Far Reaches of the Mobile Phone Revolution, Rosa explores how mobile phone technology impacts lives of the global poor through the arc of her own journey, that of an Asian American woman from Mississippi.
 A life-long learner and explorer of big ideas, Rosa leverages a background in investment banking, portfolio management, and public policy to focus on ways that technology can be harnessed for humanity. After living on three continents, she currently resides in Oxford, England.