Feb. 2, 2023

Episode 48: Cultivate a Thriving Marriage with Jennifer and Bryon Harvey

Episode 48: Cultivate a Thriving Marriage with Jennifer and Bryon Harvey

Bryon and Jennifer Harvey began teaching marrieds and singles ministries in the early 2000s. The Harveys have a passion for helping couples grow closer to each other as they walk more closely with God. Bryon earned his M.Div. from Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary and served in pastoral ministry for 20 years. He has written, developed, and taught curriculum in churches with congregations of 200-14,000. He has served in the Michigan Air National Guard since 2001, presently holds the rank of Senior Master Sergeant, and acts in the role of A4, logistics manager at Joint Force Headquarters. Jennifer has been practicing law since 2003 and started her own practice, Harvey Legal Group, PLLC, in 2006. She is a frequent seminar and conference speaker, mediator, and published writer. The Harveys enjoy teaching pre-marital classes and coaching couples to have God’s best in their marriage. Bryon and Jennifer endeavor to express Christ’s love to others in all they do, whether in the workplace, church, kids’ schools/activities, or larger community. Bryon and Jennifer live in Ann Arbor, Michigan with their two children. The Harveys speak at churches regularly for marriage conferences and events (Michigan and Florida churches on the calendar for 2023!). OperationThrivingMarriage.com

Book Description

Wouldn’t it be nice if marriage had a practical, user-friendly manual? Whether you are navigating difficult circumstances beyond your control, managing relationships with kids and in-laws, or balancing finances, work, and schedules, prioritizing your marriage can be tricky. But it is necessary! Bringing unique vantages of counseling individuals and couples in the church, the law, and the military, Bryon and Jennifer Harvey bring a wealth of experience and perspective to Operation: Thriving Marriage. Marriage isn’t a lawsuit, so don’t settle for merely surviving in your marriage. If you truly want the best that God has for you in your marriage, applying this book will stop problems before they start, help you to resolve issues together, and position you to grow into the couple that God designed you to be. With God’s plan and help, together you can make your marriage thrive! 


A practical, user-friendly manual for marriage from the vantages of counseling in the church, the law, and the military to make your marriage thrive!