Jan. 15, 2023

Episode 46: Creatively Christian with Andrea Sandefur

Episode 46: Creatively Christian with Andrea Sandefur
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Andrea Sandefur is a worship leader and singer/songwriter who lives in south central Alaska. She actively serves her local church through her songwriting efforts and helps coodinate and support worship events and projects.
Her writing includes Psalm settings, scripture-based music, instrumental music, and songs about what God is revealing of Himself as she meditates on His word.
One of her favorite activities is encouraging creative artists in her congregation through planning and hosting Arts for the Kingdom events, which are events that honor God through contributed expressions of art and music.


She is also a host for Theophany Media's Creatively Christian Podcast, which seeks to inspire, inform, educate, and empower creative Christians of all types.Mom of two and wife to her high school sweetheart, Andrea enjoys life in Alaska with her family through gardening, fishing, hunting and snowmachining.

Website: https://andreasandefurmusic.com/home
YouTube: @andreasandefur
Instagram: andreasandefur
Facebook: Andrea Sandefur