Jan. 1, 2023

Episode 45: Holistic Fluency with Anika S. Jones

Episode 45: Holistic Fluency with Anika S. Jones
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Creativity.Analysis.Communication  These are the personal and professional pillars that Anika S. Jones strives to uphold.   She serves as the Lead Consultant of Holistic Fluency LLC; where the approach is: Collective Mindset + Feedback Cycle = Collaborative Stakeholder Communities for Empowered Solutions.  Her unique approach merges Social & Emotional Learning with multiple facets of data to support individuals and organizations in defining, developing, and demonstrating community. Led by Anika, the organization proves that it is gifted with giving perspective, shining a light, building capacity, and sprinkling a little cayenne when needed - on virtually any educational topic. However - community, the village, and all that comes with it is her focus and fave! You can be assured that some intentional communication and awareness gems will be conveyed during time with her; while generally giving you some things to think about. 

 Anika believes that we all must work to do our part to see, study, and support each other; in order to be outstanding members of the village that we talk about so often.  It is throughout her work that insight, confidence, and efficacy are increased through development of positive decision-making skills, holistic advocacy, and servant leadership.  

 When Anika is not busy being The Community Curator, she enjoys traveling, creating new recipes, connecting with family & friends, and her time as a sports Mom.


 Instagram: Holistic.Fluency

TikTok: Holistic.Fluency

YouTube: Recipes a Rite of Passage 

LinkedIn: Anika S. Jones