July 6, 2022

Episode 33: The Fruit of Forgiveness with Karin Thompson

Episode 33: The Fruit of Forgiveness with Karin Thompson

As an upcoming author, Karin has a passion for writing more books that will keep people turning the pages and give them something a little deeper to think about long after the
last page has been read. Her desire is to encourage the Body of Christ in their faith, help them grow closer to God, and help them fulfil their God-given assignments for life.

My Journey to Enjoying My Life

My Journey To Enjoying My Life is a heartfelt, dynamic true-life story of Karin. This must-read
book details the events of her early childhood abuse, her struggles with the feeling of being
unloved by her parents and the fears that developed from her fight to just be normal. Karin
takes you on a dynamic journey of how she struggled with the same patterns of control that
were instilled in her as a child when she herself became an adult and had her own family. She
goes into deep detail on how she found God and how He lovingly and faithfully started to heal
her from within and expose to her all the insecurities that she had built because of her abusive
childhood. A dynamic and passionate book which will speak to the very heart of any person
who has ever experienced any form of abuse in their life, it will enable you to search for God
amidst all the heartache and rejection and show you how, no matter what form of abuse you
have experienced, God still loves you and wants the very best for your life. It is a practical,
easy-to-read, step by step book which will enhance every reader's walk with God and aid with the internal healing so desperately needed for abused people.

Encouragement for The Weary Soul.
Are you discouraged? Could you do with a Pep talk?

Then this book is for you. Do you want to give up? If you are experiencing weariness and
‘spiritual burnout.’ Help is on the way. ​
Find healing, hope, and inspiration in this collection of encouraging words for Weary Souls.
Prayers and Scriptures that offer help and support as you overcome the situations you face.
You do not have to live your life worn out and confused. There is comfort for tomorrow. You will want to read this book over and over to find peace amidst your negative circumstances. ​
Throughout these pages, discover encouragement and strength to carry on. ​
This is the perfect book for Christians looking for straight forward answers. An uplifting read you can turn to again and again during tough times.
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