June 2, 2022

Episode 31: Embracing Transition with Jiselle Alleyne-Clement

Episode 31: Embracing Transition with Jiselle Alleyne-Clement

Jiselle Alleyne-Clement is a professional of many hats. She is an Academic Librarian, Educator and Researcher. She received her MLIS in Library Science from Dalhousie University, Canada. She also holds an MA in Leadership Studies from the University of Guelph, Canada and is currently reading for her PhD in Gender Studies at the University of the West Indies with focus on Female Leadership Development in Caribbean Organisations.

Jiselle is the lead Empowerment Speaker, Vision Coach and Mentor,  through her consultancy, ‘Pearls of Great Price Empowerment Services’; a consultancy developed for women.

The empowerment programmes offered through her consultancy are geared to help women manage the transitions in their lives and will treat with topics such as, but not limited to:

  • Transition Management
  • Moving from Potential to Success
  • Tools for Reinventing yourself in the Marketplace
  • Establishing Healthy and Productive (She)Team Cultures
  • Continuous Learning 
  • (She) Leadership Development

Jiselle believes that every woman must be given access to this type of development where they can in turn LEAD within her sphere of influence. This can be done through:

  •  Providing women with access to female leaders and mentors 
  • Creating leadership opportunities for the women within the society
  • Helping women transition seamlessly
  • Helping women envision and create social change

As promised in Episode 31, Mrs. Alleyne-Clement provided us with a top ten list to try when visiting her homeland of Trinidad and Tobago!


1. Doubles/Roti/Pholourie

2. Pelau

3. Curry crab and dumplings

4. Bake and Shark

5. Gyros

6. Oil Down

7. Fry Bake or Coconut Bake and Saltfish Buljol or Smoke Herring

8. Cow Heel Soup/Corn Soup/Fish Broth

9. Callaloo, Stew Chicken, Macaroni Pie and Lentil Peas or Red Beans (This is a traditional 'Sunday Lunch') 

10. Black Cake (This is a traditional pudding eaten at Christmas)