April 18, 2022

Episode 28: Live with Eternal Perspective with Terri Hitt

Episode 28: Live with Eternal Perspective with Terri Hitt
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Since she started motherhood at 18 years old, Terri was once the youngest mother in any group. Now, she is now raising her second set of children with her husband of 43 years. Because her position has shifted to being the oldest mother, Terri recognizes and respects challenges mothers currently face as they seek to raise godly children in present-day culture. 

Homeschooling, advocating for her special medical needs daughter, co-creating with her middle daughter in their shared online business, Melane & Co., and running a ministry with two podcasts, “Live With Eternal Perspective” and “Purposed Parent/Connected Child” keep Terri busy, but both podcasts allow her to enjoy “older mom mentor status.” 

Encouraging and equipping women with ways to choose Christ over culture and live with eternal perspective so they can parent with confidence and connection is a high calling to Terri and she is thankful to offer light-filled, joyful items that inspire and delight families at Melane & Co. and to impact hearts and homes through Jesus with her ministry. Because she lost her oldest daughter thirteen years ago, Terri purposely strives to make each second count for Christ with her mindset, words, actions, and reactions. The only way to do that is through the strength of Jesus and she is humbled to walk alongside other women and counsel them to do the same.