Dec. 2, 2021

Episode 19: Operation Thriving Marriage with Jennifer M. Harvey, Esq.

Episode 19: Operation Thriving Marriage with Jennifer M. Harvey, Esq.
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Jennifer M. Harvey is the founder and managing partner of Harvey Legal Group, PLLC. She serves on the Probate and Estate Planning Advisory Board and is also faculty for the Institute of Continuing Legal Education (ICLE) in Ann Arbor where she teaches other attorneys about estate planning, trust administration, and estate administration. Ms. Harvey began her legal career working as outside counsel for Ford Motor Credit Company. She has represented Ford Credit in hundreds of cases throughout the State of Michigan, in both plaintiff and defense capacities. A zealous advocate, Ms. Harvey always goes the extra mile both legally and practically to achieve her client’s goals.

Ms. Harvey is also a recurring guest speaker at the University of Toledo’s College of Law. Ms. Harvey also speaks at seminars that benefit the community throughout the year with topics including automotive company buyouts (sponsored by the Detroit Free Press), elder law, and women’s legal issues. She serves as Volunteer General Counsel for Michigan Abolitionist Project (MAP), a non-profit dedicated to eliminating modern day slavery (human trafficking).

Ms. Harvey has been featured or published in the Michigan Bar Journal, Detroit Legal News, Michigan Lawyer’s Weekly, Observer/Eccentric Newspapers, Hour Detroit, Oakland County Legal News, State Bar of Michigan’s Inter Alia, and Detroit Free Press and has had cases that she worked on featured in The Detroit News, WDIV Channel 4 News, and Crain’s Detroit. Ms. Harvey earned her Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Michigan and her Juris Doctor from Ave Maria School of Law. Ms. Harvey focuses her practice on the simple philosophy of helping people, which enables her firm to take care of her clients, their families, and businesses.


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