Sept. 2, 2021

Episode 13: No More Darkness with Elizabeth Verver

Episode 13: No More Darkness with Elizabeth Verver
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On this  episode of the Circle 31 Podcast, I speak with Elizabeth Verver. Elizabeth is a passionate pursuer of the heart and presence of God, a loving wife, and homeschool mom of four. She is currently serving as the Women’s Director over the women’s ministry at her local church, Fullness in Christ Church. She is an author and avid blogger at Spirit Fuel. Elizabeth speaks at conferences and Bible studies, preaching the word of God in power and boldness.

You can read her powerful life-changing testimony in her newly released memoir entitledNo More Darkness. Her book is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble online. Currently Elizabeth is serving as the women’s ministry director at her home church in Fort Worth Texas. God rescued her life from darkness 19 years ago and she is on a mission to transform minds, hearts, and lives for the Kingdom of God as a transformational coach. Elizabeth says, “ I know what it is to struggle and be bound, but I know what it is to be free. I am alive today to bring hope and share His good news! A life of freedom. A life of joy. A life of purpose.”

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