Feb. 1, 2023

Episode 47: Naked and Unashamed with Mario and Maisah Houston

Episode 47: Naked and Unashamed with Mario and Maisah Houston

Mario and Maisah have a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to share with the body of Christ. In our time together, Mario and Maisah quickly dove into the deep end. There were numerous precious jewels that were dropped in this episode. One of many that I hope our audience will grab is the importance of acknowledging generational curses in our bloodlines and praying against those things that we see rising up in our families. When two people come together as husband and wife, it is vitally important to pray that God will destroy the evil foundations that the enemy has laid in our bloodlines. When you come together with your spouse to start a family of your own, it is also equally as important to establish generational blessings. Declare over your family what God has said is yours because you are His. 

I asked Mario and Maisah to tell us what were some practical steps [married] couples can take to be more vulerable with each other. Maisah started by giving us these steps:

  1. Have a Personal Relationship with Christ
  2. Remember that Your Spouse is Your Friend
  3. Be Patient with Your Spouse
  4. Give Grace to Your Spouse 
  5. Mario added this one - Know when to move from Spouse Mode to Friend Mode

There were several scriptures referenced in this episode; Genesis 2:25; Proverbs 15:1 and Philippians 4:8.