Jan. 1, 2023

Episode 45: Holistic Fluency with Anika S. Jones

Episode 45: Holistic Fluency with Anika S. Jones

Anika S. Jones, known as The Community Curator, is our 45th guest on the Circle 31 Podcast. Anika is the Lead Consultant of Holistic Fluency, LLC. She brought great value to our podcast as she thoroughly covered several key points. She shared with us the top three mistakes that adults make in communicating with adolescents, what type of support that we can offer adolescents at school and at home as well as what it means to 'awaken the village'. There were so many solid nuggets shared on this episode that it REQUIRES MULTIPLE LISTENS! Holistic Fluency offers a subscription box for adolescents that can be ordered by individuals, educational institutions or corporations. Visit Anika and Holisitc Fluency on all social media platforms.


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